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 Update #3: Madden 10

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MessageSujet: Update #3: Madden 10   Mer 9 Sep - 19:44

Selon le site, la prochaine mise à jour pour Madden 10 devrait arriver avant la fin de la semaine. Elle incluera la mise à jour de tous les rosters avec les dernières coupures amis également le réajustement des ratings de certains joueurs. Vivement qu'elle arrive on va pouvoir commencer la franchise!

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Messages : 451
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MessageSujet: Re: Update #3: Madden 10   Jeu 10 Sep - 18:34

voici le détail de certaains correctifs ajoutés a la prochaine update:

Added Super Bowl and Playoff field conditions in Online Franchise
Fixed false start griefing issue with online games
Fixed video player issues (sometimes video would hang) in Online area
Improved quality of uploaded video highlights
Switched ranked online games to seven minute quarters
Random stability fixes
Added broadcast camera
Tuned slider effectiveness
Made fatigue affect ratings more
Tuned broken tackle chances
Reduced/removed holding on kick attempts
Improved-toe drag catch logic
General pursuit improvements
Man coverage improvements
Fixed double pass online exploit

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MessageSujet: Re: Update #3: Madden 10   Jeu 10 Sep - 21:10

QB-Fiv5 a écrit:
voici le détail de certaains correctifs ajoutés a la prochaine update:

Added Super Bowl and Playoff field conditions in Online Franchise
Fixed false start griefing issue with online games
Fixed video player issues (sometimes video would hang) in Online area
Improved quality of uploaded video highlights
Switched ranked online games to seven minute quarters
Random stability fixes
Added broadcast camera
Tuned slider effectiveness
Made fatigue affect ratings more
Tuned broken tackle chances
Reduced/removed holding on kick attempts
Improved-toe drag catch logic
General pursuit improvements
Man coverage improvements
Fixed double pass online exploit

Ca c'est me patch, l'update c'est plutot ca :

* Bills O-Line musical chairs – Wood to starting LG, Andy Levitre to RG
* Bills Marvin Philip released to FA
* Brandon Rodd added to Bills
* Bengals Chad Ochocinco KPW/KAC increase
* 49ers Glen Coffee rating increase after leading preseason in rushing thru 2 games
* 49ers O-Line improvements David Baas, Snyder, Heitman.
* Falcons added Marty Booker
* Put Aaron Kelly on FA wire (too low on depth chart)
* Falcons Brent Grimes increase (now starting CB in Atlanta)
* Removed Pat Murray from Broncos
* Removed Greg Peterson from Bucs, added to FA
* Added Dre Moore to Bucs
* Removed Brian De La Puente from Chiefs
* Added Colin Brown to Chiefs
* Chris Davis removed from Titans
* Philip Rivers new contract (SD)
* Ernest Wilford removed from Dolphins
* Added Joey Haynos to Dolphins
* Removed Joe Cohen from Dolphins
* Andy Alleman traded to Chiefs from Dolphins
* Removed Eric Green from Dolphins
* Karl Paymah jersey update to 41 (MIN)
* Cody Brown removed from Cardinals (IR)
* Brandon Williams removed from Cowboys (IR)
* Cletis Gordon removed from Chargers
* Angelo Crowell removed from Bucs (IR)
* Quincy Black now starting at OLB (TB)
* Removed Dusty Dvoracek from Bears (IR)
* Moved Michael Bush to #2 RB in Oakland (Fargas strained hamstring)
* Made Captain Munnerlyn starting PR in Carolina
* Troy Williamson rating increase after strong preseason
* TJ Duckett removed from Seahawks
* Edgerrin James added to Seahawks
* Added David Bruton to Denver
* Removed Vernon Fox from Denver (too low on depth)
* Added Kenny McKinley to Denver
* Added Rod Wilson to Tampa Bucs
* Dolphins WR depth updated (Ginn/Camarillo/Bess/Hartline/Turner)
* Made Glen Coffee #2 on 49ers HB depth
* Made Adam Snyder #1 RT
* Added LaRod Stephens-Howling to Arizona
* Removed James Thrash from FA (retired)
* Added Brian Clark to Bucs
* Fixed Javon Walker jersey number to 84
* Russ Hochstein removed from Patriots (traded to Denver)
* Michael Ray Garvin added to FA wire
* Ricky Manning added to Raiders
* Tank Williams added to FA
* Moved Charlie Johnson to LT1 and Tony Ugoh to LT2 (IND)
* Added Steve Gregory to Chargers
* Updated Packers O-Line depth – Spitz C1, Sitton RG1 etc.
* Removed Duke Preston from Packers (now on FA)
* Made Jaymar Johnson PR1 in Minnesota
* James Davis rating increase (CLE)
* Jamal Lewis rating decrease (CLE)
* Dennis Dixon rating increase (PIT)
* Removed Adam Seward from Colts
* Moved Freddie Keiaho to MLB
* Updated Mike Walker’s name to Mike Sims-Walker (JAX)
* Removed Glenn Paulauck from Saints (to FA wire)
* Added Thomas Morstead to Saints
* Removed Elliot Vallejo from Cardinals
* Removed Jeremy Mincey from Jaguars
* Added James Wyche to Jaguars
* Added Marquand Manual to Lions
* Removed Daniel Bullocks from Lions
* Removed Eric Bassey from Rams (IR)
* Removed Lamar Divens from Ravens (IR)
* Added Kelly Talavou to Ravens
* Roydell Williams removed from Redskins
* Added DJ Hackett to Redskins
* Removed Dexter Jackson from Bucs
* Removed Paul Smith from jaguars
* Added Josh Johnson to Bucs
* Added Desmond Bryant to Raiders
* Removed Tedy Bruschi from Patriots (retired)
* Added Eric Alexander to Patriots
* Made Omar Gaither MLB1 in Philadelphia
* Made Bernard Scott HB2 in Cincinnati
* Removed Kevin O’Connell from Patriots
* Added Brian Hoyer to Patriots
* Removed Jason Jefferson from Atlanta (to FA)
* Added Thomas Johnson to Atlanta
* Marques Hagans removed from Redskins
* Alfred Fincher removed from Redskins
* Marvel Smith removed from 49ers (retired)
* Alex Boone added to 49ers
* Keith Lewis removed from Cardinals
* Pago Togafau removed from Cardinals
* Ben Claxton added to Cardinals
* Travis Johnson traded to Chargers from Texans
* Removed Darnell Stapleton from Steelers (IR)
* Added Ramon Foster to Steelers
* Added Ahmad Brooks to 49ers
* Removed Jay Moore from 49ers (too low on depth)
* Added Mike Teel to Seahawks
* Removed Jeff Rowe from Seahawks (too low on depth)
* Browns WR depth updated – Mike Furrey WR2
* Added Craig Dahl to Rams at FS2
* Rams WR depth updated – L Robinson to WR2
* Ryan Tucker removed from Browns
* Pat Murray added to Browns
* Rod Hood removed from Browns
* Added Corey Ivy to Browns
* Mike Goodson (HB – CAR) ratings increase
* Ryne Robinson removed from Panthers
* Gerald Cadogan removed from Panthers
* Made Jacob Hester FB 1, M Tolbert FB2 (Chargers)
* Brian Hartline (WR – MIA) rating increase.
* Lex Hilliard added to Dolphins
* All player heights and weights updated according to each NFL team website
* Elvis Dumervil (DEN – OLB) rating increase
* Kevin McMahan added to Panthers
* Michael Crabtree removed from 49ers depth chart
* Tye Hill traded to Falcons from Rams
* Jonathan Wade now CB2 on Rams
* Jamie Winborn added to Falcons
* Robert James removed from Falcons (too low on depth)
* Removed Willie Evans from Falcons (too low on depth)
* Alfonso Boone removed from Chiefs
* Removed Joe Klopfenstein from Rams
* Simeon Castille added to Chargers
* Brandon Hughes removed from Chargers (too low on depth)
* Von Hutchins removed from Falcons
* Ben Hartsock removed from Falcons
* Removed Charleston Hughes to Eagles
* Removed Nate Salley from Panthers (IR)
* Added Kevin Kaesviharn to Panthers
* Added Kory Sheets to 49ers
* Dominique Zeigler added to FA
* Devin Aromashodu added to Bears
* Demetrius Bell (T – BUF) rating increase after great training camp
* Devard Darling removed from Chiefs (IR)
* Added Ashley Lelie to Chiefs
* New Ricky Williams contract extension
* William Moore jersey number updated to 25
* Removed Demetrius Byrd from Chargers (Non Football Injury List)
* Added Louis Leonard to the Panthers
* Added Quincy Butler to the Rams
* Frank Omiyale now at LG1, Josh Beekman at LG2
* BenJarvus Green-Ellis added to Patriots
* Sean Mahan removed from Bucs
* Marcus Johnson removed from Raiders
* Erik Pears added to Raiders
* Pat Thomas removed from Bills
* Marcus Buggs added to Bills
* Ben Hartsock added to Jets
* Kevin Ogletree added to Cowboys
* Kelley Washington (WR – BAL) now WR3 and rating increase
* Made Hank Fraley C1, Alex Mack C2 (Browns)
* Keith Smith removed from Lions
* Added Ramzee Robinson to Lions
* Added Jordan Senn to Colts
* Tanard Jackson rating increase (TB)
* Ronde Barber rating decrease (TB)
* Amani Toomer released from Chiefs (to FA)
* Added Jake O’Connell to Chiefs
* Added Fui Vakapuna to Bengals
* Kenneth Moore moved to WR3, Dwayne Jarrett WR4 (Panthers)
* Added Beau Bell to Browns
* Added Will Davis to Cardinals
* Added Moise Fokou to Eagles
* Made Sean Ryan TE1
* Removed Marcus Henry from Jets
* Removed Chandler Williams from Falcons
* Removed DeMarcus Faggins from Titans
* Removed Paul Williams from Titans
* Added Dominique Edison to Titans
* Removed Josh Stamer from Titans
* Removed Jason Murphy from Titans
* Added Stanford Keglar to Titans
* Added Jason McCourty to Titans
* Ronald Curry removed from Rams
* Removed Aveion Cason from Lions
* Removed Chuck Darby from Lions
* Added Orien Harris to Lions
* Removed Lydon Murtha from Lions
* Dominic Rhodes removed from Bills
* Xavier Omon added to Bills
* Marshawn Lynch removed from Bills depth chart – Fred Jackson now HB1
* Andrew Walter removed from Patriots
* Billy Miller (TE – Saints) to IR
* Ko Simpson traded to Lions from Bills
* Leonard Pope removed from Cardinals
* Aaron Fransisco removed from Cardinals
* Damion McIntosh removed from Chiefs
* Eric Ghiaciuc removed from Chiefs
* Removed Kevin Jones from Bears (IR)
* Removed Jeff Garcia from Raiders (to FA)
* Added Bruce Gradkowski to Raiders
* Matt Bryant removed from Bucs
* James Lee removed from Bucs
* Anthony Alabi removed from Bucs
* Kyle Arrington removed from Bucs
* Donte Nicholson removed from Bucs
* Added Matt McCoy to Bucs
* Moved Jermaine Phillips back to FS (from LOLB)
* Removed David Patten from Browns
* Beau Bell removed from Browns
* Paul Hubbard removed from Browns
* Removed Pat Murray from Browns
* Removed Isaac Sowels from Browns
* Added Corey Hilliard to Browns
* Removed Noah Herron from Browns
* Removed Corey Ivy from Browns
* Added Gerard Lawson to Browns
* David Thomas traded to Saints from Pats
* Michael Matthews traded to Pats from Giants
* Alex Smith removed from Patriots (to FA)
* Joey Harrington removed from Saints
* Paul Spicer removed from Saints (to FA)
* Adrian Arrington removed from Saints
* Skyler Green removed from Saints
* Tim Duckworth removed from Saints
* Remi Ayodele added to Saints
* DeMario Pressley removed from Saints
* Tony Hargrove added to Saints
* Removed Anthony Waters from Saints
* Courtney Roby removed from Saints
* Rod Harper added to Saints
* Chip Vaughn added to IR (Saints)
* Jason Davis removed from Bears
* Marcus Freeman removed from Bears
* Brandon Rideau removed from Bears
* Dan Buenning removed from Bears
* Lance Louis added to Bears
* Kellen Davis added to Bears
* Jamon Meredith removed from Packers
* Justin Harrell removed from Packers (IR)
* Brian Brohm removed from Packers
* Pat Lee removed from Packers (IR)
* DJ Hackett removed from Redskins (to FA)
* Jeremy Bridges removed from Redskins
* Added Mike Williams to Redskins
* Removed Cody Glenn from Redskins
* Removed Robert Thomas from Redskins
* Removed DJ Shockley from Falcons
* Removed Thomas Brown from Falcons
* Removed Vance Walker from Falcons
* Jamie Winborn removed from Falcons
* John Parker Wilson added to Falcons
* Andrew Gardner added to Dolphins
* Nate Garner removed from Dolphins
* Shaun Smith removed from Lions
* Milford Brown removed from Lions
* Dan Gronkowski removed from Lions (to FA)
* Keary Colbert removed from Lions
* Ramzee Robinson removed from Lions
* Zach Thomas removed from Chiefs (to FA)
* Justin Miller removed from Raiders
* Terdell Sands removed from Raiders
* Ryan Boschetti removed from Raiders
* Darrick Brown removed from Raiders
* Greyson Gunheim removed from Raiders
* John Wade removed from Raiders
* Paris Lenon removed from Pats
* Ryan O’Callaghan removed from Pats
* Courtney Greene removed from Seahawks (to FA)
* Baraka Atkins removed from Seahawks
* Kevin Hobbs removed from Seahawks
* DD Lewis removed from Seahawks
* Devin Moore removed from Seahawks
* Courtney Taylor removed from Seahawks
* Brian Russell removed from Seahawks
* Lawyer Milloy added to Seahawks
* Tim Crowder removed from Denver
* Josh Bell removed from Denver
* Vonnie Holliday added to Denver
* Brian Daniels removed from Vikings
* David Herron removed from Vikings
* Ian Johnson removed from Vikings
* Marcus McCauley removed from Vikings
* Garrett Mills removed from Vikings
* Drew Radovich removed from Vikings
* Marlon Favorite removed from Carolina
* Corvey Irvin placed on IR (Carolina)
* Justin Geisinger removed from Panthers
* Kevin Kaevisharan removed from Carolina (to FA)
* Kevin McMahan removed from Panthers
* Bernard Pollard removed from KC (to FA)
* Ashley Lelie removed from KC
* Javarris Williams removed from KC (to FA)
* Colin Brown removed from KC (IR)
* Ike Ndukwe added to KC
* Ruvell Martin removed from Packers
* Anthony Smith removed from Packers
* Anthony Toribio removed from Packers
* Charlie Peprah removed from Packers (IR)
* Jarrett Bush added to Packers
* Ryan Fowler removed from Titans
* Cary Harris removed from Bills
* Matt Wilhelm removed from Eagles
* Lorenzo Booker removed from Eagles
* Tank Daniels removed from Eagles
* Jack Ikegwuonu removed from Eagles
* Dan Klecko removed from Eagles
* Fenuki Tupou placed on IR (Eagles)
* Kynan Forney removed from SD
* Corey Clark removed from SD
* Andre Coleman removed from SD
* Ryon Binham added to IR (SD)
* Ian Scott removed from SD
* Ogemdi Nwagbuo added to SD
* Courtney Brown removed from Dallas
* Marcus Dixon removed from Dallas
* Manuel Johnson removed from Dallas
* Mike Mickens removed from Dallas
* DeAngelo Smith removed from Dallas
* Isiah Stanbeck removed from Dallas
* Matt Stewart removed from Dallas
* Yamon Figurs removed from Ravens
* Tre’ Stallings removed from Ravens
* Davon Drew removed from Ravens
* Cedric Peerman removed from Ravens
* Jalen Parmele added to Ravens
* Jason Phillips added to IR (Ravens)
* Tony Moll traded to Ravens
* Derrick Martin traded to Packers
* Jacob Bender removed from 49ers
* Alex Boone removed from 49ers
* Kory Sheets removed from 49ers roster
* Bear Pascoe removed from 49ers
* Darryl Blackstock removed from Bengals
* Marvin White removed from Bengals
* Clinton McDonald removed from Bengals
* Removed Fui Vakapuna from Bengals
* Antonio Chatman removed from Bengals (IR)
* Carey Davis removed from Steelers
* AQ Shipley removed from Steelers
* Added Doug Legursky to Steelers
* Removed Richard Angulo from Jags
* Removed Marlon McCree from Jags
* Removed Alvin Pearman from Jags
* Removed Tony Pashos from Jags
* Removed Tim Shaw from Jags
* Removed Chauncey Washington from Jags
* Removed Brian Williams from Jags
* Removed Thomas Williams from Jags
* Added Adam Seward to Jags
* Josh McCown traded to Jags from Bucs
* Removed Mike Hart from Colts
* Added Chad Simpson to Colts
* Removed Steve Justice from Colts
* Removed Dante Huges from Colts
* Removed Terrance Taylor from Colts
* Removed Jaimie Thomas from Colts
* Removed Michael Toudoze from Colts
* Added Dan Federkeil to Colts
* Removed Tiquan Underwood from Jags
* Rob Meier added to IR (Jags)
* Added Atiyyah Ellison to Jags
* Removed Andre Woodson from NYG
* Removed Rhett Bomar from NYG
* Removed DeAndre Wright from NYG
* Removed Cato June from Texans
* Removed Buster Davis from Texans
* Removed Arian Foster from Texans
* Removed Brandon Harrison from Texans
* Placed Adam Carriker on IR (Rams)
* Removed Antonio Pittman from Rams
* Added Gary Gibson to Rams
* Removed Sean McHugh from Steelers (IR)
* Removed Aundrae Allison from Jets (IR)
* Added Danny Woodhead to Jets
* Removed Kareem Brown from Jets
* Removed Stanley Daniels from Jets
* Removed David Tyree from NYG
* Removed Chris Ogbonnaya from Rams
* Removed Tim Carter from Rams
* Removed Todd Johnson from Rams (to FA)
* Removed Marcus Howard from Colts
* Removed Roy Schuening from Rams
* Removed Renardo Foster from Rams
* Removed Jehuu Caulcrick from Jets
* Placed Colt Brennan on IR (Redskins)
* Removed Courtney Bryan from Dolphins
* Brandon Frye removed from Dolphins
* Brandon London removed from Dolphins
* Removed Matt Roth from depth chart (Dolphins)
* Brett Swain added to Packers
* Added Diyral Briggs to 49ers
* Richard Seymour traded to Raiders from Patriots
* Kendall Simmons added to Pats
* Hakeem Nicks jersey change to 88
* Wilrey Fontenot removed from Cardinals
* Kevin O’Connell added to Jets
* Tony Pashos added to 49ers
* Added John Nalbone to Dolphins
* Removed David Martin from Dolphins (IR)
* Added Tom Nelson to Bengals
* Added Quan Cosby to Bengals
* Removed Mike Kracilek from Jets
* Removed Reggie Hodges from Jets
* Added AJ Trapasso to Jets
* Danny Woodhead removed from Jets
* Trevor Canfield removed from Cardinals
* Tim Castille removed from Cardinals
* Sean Morey added to Cardinals
* Brandon Frye added to Seahawks
* Kyle Williams removed from Seahawks
* Todd Bouman removed from Jags
* Matt Stafford moved to QB1 in Detroit
* Ra’Shonn Harris removed from Steelers
* Stefan Logan added to Steelers
* Montavious Stanley added to Jags
* Russell Allen added to Jags
* Tyron Brackenridge added to Jags
* Dominique Byrd added to Cardinals
* Eldra Buckley added to Eagles
* Brian Williams added to Falcons
* Leigh Torrence added to Saints
* Jonathan Casillas added to Saints
* Rey Maualuga moved to LOLB1
* Marvin White added to Dallas
* Removed Ikaika Alama-Francis removed from Lions
* Andre Fluellen added to Lions
* Adam Jennings removed from Lions
* Yamon Figurs added to Lions
* Marcus McCauley added to Lions
* Removed LaMarcus Hicks from Lions
* Antwan Applewhite added to Chargers
* Travis Fisher added to Seahawks
* Will Svitek added to Falcons
* Ben Wilkerson removed from Falcons
* Maurice Evans added to Bucs
* Jason Babin added to Eagles
* Brandon Gibson added to Eagles
* Chris Clemons added to Eagles
* Added Matt Toeaina to Bears
* Added Kyries Hebert to Bengals
* Added Chris Ellis to Bills
* Moved Spencer Larsen back to MLB (was FB – Denver)
* Added Cedric Peerman to Browns
* Removed Corey Hilliard from Browns
* Added Phil Trautwein to Browns
* Added DeAngelo Smith to Browns
* Added Marcus Johnson to Bucs
* Added Jonathan Compas to Bucs
* Added Demar Dotson to Bucs
* Placed Xavier Fulton to IR (Bucs)
* Added Reggie Walker to Cardinals
* Removed Barry Richardson from Chiefs
* Added Ryan O’Callaghan to Chiefs
* Added Matt Gutierrez to Chiefs
* Added Andy Studebaker to Chiefs
* Added Kyle DeVan to Colts
* Added Aaron Francisco to Colts
* Removed Matt Giordarno from Colts
* Added Jamie Silva to Colts
* Added Steve Octavien to Cowboys
* Added Alex Smith to Eagles
* Removed Matt Schobel from Eagles
* Added Eric Weems to Falcons
* Added Keith Zinger to Falcons
* Added Gerris Wilkinson to Giants (removed Michael Boley from depth chart)
* Added Derek Hagan to Giants
* Added Nate Hughes to Jags
* Added Don Carey to Jags (IR)
* Moved Vernon Gholston to ROLB1 (Calvin Pace suspended and removed from depth)
* Added Jamaal Westerman to Jets
* Added Casey Fitzsimmons to Lions
* Added Evan Dietrich-Smith to Packers
* Moved BJ Raji to DT2 (GB)
* Moved Johnny Jolly to LE1 (GB)
* Added Tyrell Sutton to Panthers
* Removed Greg Lewis from Patriots
* Added Ryan Wendell to Patriots
* Added Luke Lawton to Raiders
* Added Todd Watkins to Raiders
* Added Louis Rankin to Raiders
* Added Roger Allen to Rams
* Added Anthony Smith to Rams
* Added D-Anthony Batiste to Redskins
* Added Marcus Mason to Redskins
* Added Nick Reed to Seahawks
* Removed Kory Lichtensteiger from Denver
* Added Kory Lichtensteiger to Vikings
* Removed Dennis Norman from Jags
* Removed Elton Brown from Cardinals
* Added Jeremy Bridges to Cardinals
* Removed Langston Walker from Bills
* Updated Calvin Johnson name to Calvin Johnson Jr.
* Removed Matthias Askew from Denver
* Chris Baker moved to TE1 (Patriots)
* Ryan Fowler added to Jets
* Added Nick Miller to Raiders
* Removed Khalif Mitchell from 49ers
* Justin Hartwig new contract (Steelers) – 4yrs/10MIL
* Brian Russell added to Jags
* Added Kynan Forney to Jags
* Cadillac Williams made HB1 (Bucs)
* Shawntae Spencer made CB2 (49ers)
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Messages : 451
Date d'inscription : 27/04/2009
Age : 35
Localisation : EVX (27)

MessageSujet: Re: Update #3: Madden 10   Ven 11 Sep - 20:49

ça y est la mise a jour des rosters est online!

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MessageSujet: Re: Update #3: Madden 10   

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Update #3: Madden 10
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